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Bienvenue sur notre portail étudiant !

Here you will find all materials we have gathered to support you in your studies. This page and all course materials are for the registered course participants only. Sharing your password and/or any documents you find here with others is an act of stealing. If you think someone outside of this group would benefit from these Dharma texts, please contact the organiser - info@sakyafamily.eu


Please note that translations of the root text in French, German and Italian were prepared by Khenchen Sherab’s Centers. The English text was published by Wisdom Pubblications (Freeing the Heart and Mind, part 2 by H.H. Sakya Gongma Trichen Rinpoche). We do not have the rights to share the English version of this text with you electronically. You can purchase the e-book directly from the publisher for 11.99 $ here. Those of you who will follow this course in-person at our centres will also find some paperback copies available for purchase (only in-person pick up, no shipping). 


After the teachings, Khenpo Tashi Sangpo will offer a review class and answer your questions. Questions should be submited by Sunday for each Tuesday session in writing using this form.

Everyone is also welcome to use our forums for a discussion with your classmates.