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Puja and Prayer Requests


Prayers and pujas can offer support in difficult times. We can request them for ourselves or others. 


The puja(s) requested through this website will be performed by our lama(s) at Sakya Tsechen Ling in Kuttolsheim, France. If you are not sure which puja to choose, please click here to find out more.  


Once you have chosen one or more pujas you would like to order, please fill out the order form. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail with the exact date(s) of the puja(s) scheduled according to the auspicious dates in Tibetan lunar calendar. 


Available pujas


  • Long life puja
  • Pujas to support your activities and protect you against obstacles


  1. Green Tara Ritual 
  2. Mahakala Ritual
  3. Medicine Buddha Ritual
  4. Avalokiteshvara Ritual  
  5. Singhanada Ritual
  6. White Mahakala Ritual
  7. Chagsum Ritual
  8. Naga Ritual 


  • Pujas for the deceased


  1. Vairocana ritual for the deceased 
  2. Vajrayogini ritual for the deceased  
  3. Amitabha aspiration prayer 
  4. Samantabhadra prayer  


For a more detailed description of pujas, please click here.

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