SAKA DAWA DÜCHEN - H.E. Gyana Vajra Rinpoche

01/01/2012 07:00

Khenchen Sherab's Centers


SAKA DAWA DÜCHEN - H.E. Gyana Vajra Rinpoche

26 MAY





20.00 - 21.00 Teaching on the Life of the Buddha by H.E. Gyana Vajra Rinpoche

In English with Italian, French, Spanish, German and Dutch translations

21.00 - 24.00 16 Arhats Ritual and Prayers

It is a great honour for us to receive teachings from His Eminence on this special day.

SAGA DAWA DÜCHEN is one of the four major Buddhist feasts. It celebrates Buddha Shakyamuni’s enlightenment and Parinirvana.

On his enlightenment at the age of thirty-five in Bodhgaya, the Buddha proclaimed:

“Profound peace, natural simplicity, uncompounded luminosity, I have found a nectar-like Dharma.”


When Buddha lay dying in a forest grove in Kushinagara, surrounded by five hundred of his disciples, he said to them with his last breath:

“It is in the nature of all things that take form to dissolve again. Strive with your whole being to attain perfection.”


Our prayers during this evening are dedicated to universal peace.


We will also dedicate the accumulations of Loma Gyonma’s mantra and Thangtong Gyalpo’s prayer. You can add your accumulations HERE.


Who wishes can prepare at home the seven offerings, flowers, fruits and light a butterlamp or candle.


The prayers recited are included in the SAKYA MONLAM PRAYERBOOK, which can be downloaded HERE.

Join us at the temple in Kuttolsheim, France or Arosio, Switzerland.

Sign up in advance for this event:
1. The number of places inside the temple are limited, because we have to keep safe distance at all times.
2. You must register to participate in person in (using the link below) at least some days before the event.
3. You will receive a confirmation e-mail authorising you to come to the centre.
4. Please observe all hygiene and distancing rules during your visit.

Register in advance for this meeting on Zoom at least one day in advance.

You will receive a confirmation email from “Sakya Dharma Family Admin” with the Zoom link to participate (click “Click Here To Join”) on the day of the event.

Deelname via Jitsi (Maximaal 35 deelnemers):
Aanmelden voor deze bijeenkomst op Jitsi uiterlijk 2 dagen van tevoren per e-mail naar sakya.denhaag@hotmail.com nadat je je hebt aangemeld ontvang je de link van Jitsi.


This event is offered to you by Khenchen Sherab’s Sakya Dharma Family. We want to make it possible for everyone to participate, however, our Dharma activities are only possible thanks to your kind donations. To ensure the continuity of our activities, please consider supporting your local center. Click HERE for the list of all our Sakya Dharma Family Centers.

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