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Collective accumulations for the swift dissolution of COVID-19 pandemic

In April, we had the great opportunity to receive the initiation of Loma Gyonma and the reading transmission of the Thangtong Gyalpo’s prayer by His Holiness Sakya Trichen.


Also His Holiness Sakya Trizin - when joining us online for the anniversary of Khenchen Sherab Gyaltsen Amipa - gave the precious advise to keep our mind calm during this challenging time and deepen our practice of Loma Gyonma and the recitation of the TG prayer.








Please use THIS FORM to submit your LOMA GYONMA MANTRA accumulations.

CLICK HERE to download short Loma Gyonma Dharani.


Please use THIS FORM to submit your THANGTONG GYALPO’S PRAYER accumulations.

CLICK HERE to download Thantong Gyalpo’s prayer that saved Sakya from infectious diseases.


Click here to listen to His speech or click here to download the transcription.


We keep these precious pieces of advice in our heart, so that they inspire our diligence.

You are most welcome to join us by regularly submitting the newly accumulated mantras! (Of course, you do not submit the total number of mantras you accumulated, but the amount you have not yet submitted). 


With your mantra and prayer accumulations you are sponsoring a special puja service, during which all our accumulations will be offered for the benefit of all sentient beings, that will be held at our main centre, SAKYA TSECHEN LING, France, during the Saka Dawa Duchen celebrations on 14 June 2022. 

We have been practicing togheter online since the beginning of April, doing the Loma Gyonma rituals, reciting mantras and the prayer of Thangtong Gyalpo.


Our Sakya Dharma Family will continue to accumulate these practices to help purify the causes and conditions of this Covid-19 pandemic.